We believe the cost of pursuing an education should never get in the way of turning your dreams into reality. We offer a variety of options and payment plans to make our University accessible to the students who will one day go on to disrupt industries, create new ones and shape a world that’s ready for anything.

Please visit the Financial-aid office that pertains to your academic program to address question related to the following topics:

  • Undergraduate Student Aid
  • Graduate Student Aid
  • Veterans Benefits
  • International Student Aid
  • Financial Aid Programs
  • Application Process
  • FAFSA Codes
  • Aid Filing Deadlines
  • Code of Conduct
  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool
  • Entrance/Exit Counseling
  • How to Read your Financial Aid Package

Financial Aid Office: Center City

Location: Curtis Building, Suite 115
Phone: 215-955-2867
Email: Financial.Aid@jefferson.edu

Financial Aid Office: East Falls

Location: White Corners, First Floor
Phone: 215-951-2940
Email: Financial.Aid@jefferson.edu

Student Accounts: Center City

Location: 1101 Market Street,29th Floor
Phone: (215) 503-7669
Email: Tuition.Office@jefferson.edu

Student Accounts: East Falls

Location: Archer Hall, First Floor
Phone: 215-951-5988
Email: Tuition.Office@jefferson.edu