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Jefferson’s Continuing and Professional Studies is uniquely prepared to help you attain a degree or certificate of choice. Organizational leaders and consultants, business professionals, healthcare professionals, human resource managers, IT managers, medical office managers, medical coders, paramedics, firefighters, and occupational therapy assistants are just some of the positions our students aspire to or currently hold.

With an eye towards accessibility, we offer convenient locations, accelerated 8-week courses, flexible class times (evening and Saturday), and online and hybrid course options. Our flexible approach, coupled with our personalized advising model, meets each student where they are and empowers them to attain their academic goals.


  • Jefferson Center City, 901 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jefferson East Falls, 4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jefferson Online, online.jefferson.edu

Educational Programs Offered

  • Accelerated Programs: Certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs
  • Corporate Training: Assist a range of enterprises, from large corporations to small businesses, creating specific skills and training programs to bring employees up-to-speed in various skill areas.
  • Non-Degree Courses: Students interested in taking individual courses or completing prerequisites can register as a non-degree student. Credits earned are transferrable to appropriate degree programs.
  • Professional Development Certificates: Short courses and certificate programs to provide up-to-date training, hands-on experience, and tools that will keep you at the forefront of your field, or help you explore a new interest.

Academic Programs




Creativity & Leadership Core

Each CPS bachelor’s degree curriculum includes a Creativity and Leadership Core, which is designed to help students to think creatively and lead in life, work, and the community. Many of us believe that creativity is for people in the arts and that leadership is for people with certain job titles. The truth is creative thinking can be enhanced and tools and techniques in creativity can be learned. Similarly, leadership can be practiced at any level of an organization and in any setting, including your family and your community. Modern employers are seeking well-rounded employees who demonstrate creativity and leadership, serving as conduits of positive change. The Creativity and Leadership Core, which aligns with the University’s Creativity Core, is comprised of five courses:

CLC 310Creativity Fnds & Applications3
or CLCX 310 Creativity Fnds & Applications
CLC 330Project Management3
or CLCX 330 Project Management
CLC 340Leading Diverse Organizations3
or CLCX 340 Leading Diverse Organizations
CLC 350Creative Leadership3
or CLCX 350 Creative Leadership
CLC 360Leadership in the Digital Age3
or CLCX 360 Leadership in the Digital Age
Total Credits15