BCS 498:  Blding & Constr Stds Capstone  
This course serves as a capstone course in the Building and Construction Studies program. Students complete the SCPS Portfolio they have been assembling throughout their program. The portfolio provides students with an opportunity to look at the past, present, and future. Students reflect on personal growth and development during their program of study. Students also demonstrate ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programs by completing construction-related case analyses. The portfolio concludes with a professional development plan wherein students identify goals for continued professional growth and lifelong learning. The capstone course brings together the student’s educational experience to apply the knowledge and skills obtained throughout the major to address real-world business and organizational challenges in today’s competitive workforce.
Credits: 3  
College: Jefferson Coll of Architecture & Built Environment  
Prerequisites: (CLC 310 and CLC 320 and CLC 330 and CLC 340 and CLC 350) and (FIN 201 or FIN 323) and (ARCH 204 and ARST 221 and CMGT 104 and CMGT 208 and CMGT 302 and CMGT 404) [Min Grade: D]  
Schedule Type: By Appointment - 1 student, By Appointment - 2 students, Lecture, On-Line