Curriculum: 12 credits

LDSP 610Organizational Performance Met3
LDSP 640Conflict & Negotiation in Orgs3
Select One
LDSP 510Team Dynamics and Collaboratio3
LDSP 515Org. Innovation, Creat & Chnge3
LDSP 520Strat. Ldrshp in a VUCA World3
Elective (Select One)
POP 500Essentials of PopulationHealth3
POP 510Health Econ, Risk, & Finance3
POP 542Pop Health Analytics for Emp3
IMBX 731Design Thinking in Business3
PBH 515Cultural Humility & Competence3
PBH 520Program Planning & Evaluation3
PHP 504Pharm Informatics&Hlthcre Data3
AHE 506SubjectiveOutcomesHealthEval3
AHE 507Claims-Based AHEOR3
HCMD 602Communicating Health Data3
HDS 527Analytics Leadership3
HDS 532Data Visualization3
OPX 530Appl Lead Strat for Eff Change3
OPX 535Strategic Execution3