What is a Minor?

A minor is a secondary area of interest that often complements a student’s major. Although not a degree requirement many students choose to pair their major discipline with another complementary discipline. A minor allows students to group electives together in a meaningful way, providing a set of courses that provides supplemental study in a particular subject area. Options for minors are determined by the academic program and consist of a minimum of twelve credits in the subject area.

Why Choose to Study a Minor?

In addition to integrating and unifying subjects covered in electives, minors enable students to pursue secondary areas of interest and to develop a knowledge base and skill sets that complement their major area. By layering a secondary area onto a primary field of study, minors may demonstrate versatility and flexibility to a prospective employer and as a result, expand prospects for internships and future employment.

Guidelines for Minors

  • A student may not combine a major and minor in the same or similar functional area (e.g., an Interior Design major and an Interior Design minor).
  • A student may not use the same course for credit in both the major and minor areas. In other words, only elective credits can be applied to the minor.
  • Minors consist of 12 credits.
  • Any substitute elective course from within the minor discipline must be approved. Please review and obtain the appropriate form available at the Academic Success Center’s website https://www.jefferson.edu/east-falls/academic-success-center/advising-forms.html