Students who apply to the University should be seeking a sound and challenging collegiate education, and should have demonstrated an ability to be successful in such a program by prior academic performance and preparation.

  • Each student is reviewed individually and evaluated based on educational background, including course preparation and grades earned.
  • Academic Programs have specific policies, which govern their admission criteria.

Admissions Application

Academic Degree Options

Academic Degree Description
Undergraduate More than 80 programs all with a focus on collaboration and critical thought that challenges the way forward and opens up endless opportunities for the future.
Transfer Many (not all) programs allow students to continue/complete their undergraduate degree by transferring credits taken at other accredited universities toward a degree at Jefferson. Students seeking to transfer into the university must submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended as well as essay and one letter of recommendation. If a student has earned less than 30 college credits, an official secondary school record and SAT I or ACT scores are required. Some transfer students may be required to submit a portfolio for consideration.
Some of our programs are designed specifically for transfer students only and do not accept students into the freshman class; Nursing is one example of a Transfer Program.
Graduate Education beyond the undergraduate degree with over 70 programs at the master’s and doctoral degree levels.
Accelerated 1. Accelerated degree programs allow for a pathway toward completion of two degrees (undergraduate/graduate) in less time than would take in completing each degree separately. Students must maintain program-specific requirements upon admission and throughout program to remain eligible for this pathway.
2. CPS (Continuing & Professional Studies) offers accelerated terms designed to support adult students and working professionals who are looking to earn or complete a degree. Courses are offered in 8-week hybrid and online formats.
Dual A pathway to two degrees at the same level. The two degrees may be completed concurrently or consecutively.
Certificate (Transcriptable) A credential issued by the University in recognition of the completion of a curriculum other than one leading to a degree. Courses are offered at the undergraduate or graduate level and all courses within the certificate should be able to be applied to completion of a degree (grade and time-frame dependent).

Admissions Classifications

Classification Description
Applicant Student is preparing application materials for admissions to a specific academic program. See program application requirements on Admissions website.
Acceptance Students who have met all admissions requirements with satisfactory performance as judged by the Admissions Committee are granted full acceptance.
Acceptance into an Academic Program does not mean or guarantee acceptance into another academic program at the same or different level.
Probationary Acceptance Students with academic performance and/or test scores below the normally acceptable levels but show potential to be successful in a graduate program may be granted probationary acceptance and students will be monitored closely by the program director to ensure fit for the academic rigor of the program.
Conditional Acceptance Conditional acceptance may be granted to students who are missing some of their application materials but who otherwise meet admissions criteria. Conditional acceptance is limited to one semester, during which time the missing application materials must be submitted.
Non-Degree seeking Courses taken under non-degree status may be applied to a degree program, but only after all admissions requirements are met and full acceptance is granted.
Readmission See your program-specific policy on requirements of readmission in college handbook, university policies and consult with your Program Director.

University Right to Withdraw Offer of Admission

  1. Students planning to join Jefferson must notify the Office of Admissions should there be any substantial changes to their academic or disciplinary records between acceptance and matriculation. The University reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission in the event that
  2. A significant drop in academic performance
  3. Failure to graduate from an accredited degree program
  4. Misrepresentation of information in the application process
  5. Behavior prior to enrolling that indicates a serious lack of judgement or integrity

Course/Program Format

Jefferson offers several delivery options for students based upon the program they are entering.

Format Description
On Campus courses/program taken onsite (face-to-face) at one of our seven locations throughout the region
Online courses/program taken either entirely online or with periodic on-campus “retreats”
Hybrid courses/program are a combination of onsite (face-to-face) and online formats
Accelerated courses at various lengths outside of the standard 15-week semester
Short Courses Faculty-led short courses/programs taken domestically or abroad.