HSTX 498:  Health Studies Capstone  
This course serves as a capstone course in the Health Studies program. Students complete the SCPS Portfolio they have been assembling throughout their program. The portfolio provides students with an opportunity to look at the past, present, and future. Students reflect on personal growth and development during their program of study. Students also demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and practice by proposing a solution to a current problem in a professional setting via a research project. The portfolio concludes with a future directions essay wherein students identify goals for continued professional growth and lifelong learning.
Credits: 3  
College: Jefferson College of Health Professions  
Prerequisites: (CLCX 310 or CLC 310) and (CLCX 320 or CLC 320 or CLCX 360 or CLC 360) and (CLCX 340 or CLC 340) and (CLCX 350 or CLC 350) and (HSCX 200 or HSC 200) and (HSMX 301 or HSM 301) and (HSMX 350 or HSM 350) and (PHLX 222 or PHIL 222 or PHIL 301 or PHLX 300) and (CLCX 330 or CLC 330) and (COMM 220 or COMX 220) and (HSM 351 or HSMX 351) and (HSM 412 or HSMX 412) [Min Grade: D]  
Schedule Type: By Appointment - 2 students, By Appointment - 3 students, On-Line