About Us

As the first college of population health established in the United States, we have an unwavering focus on improving population health in the United States and around the world. We prepare leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to transform the delivery of health services by working within and across these critical stakeholder groups: healthcare providers and delivery systems; health insurance companies and third-party payers; drug and device manufacturers; technology companies; management consulting firms; and community organizations.

We offer graduate programs in all key areas of population health improvement:

  • Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • Health Data Science
  • Health Policy
  • Healthcare Quality and Safety
  • Operational Excellence
  • Population Health Science
  • Population Health
  • Public Health

Adopting a population health perspective is more than just understanding clinical operations, insurance policies or health education resources. It is about integrating all of the factors that affect a person’s health to inform and improve the healthcare delivery system. Since our founding in 2008, Jefferson College of Population Heath’s faculty and staff have defined (and refined) what it means to study population health. The College has launched two doctoral programs and seven masters and certificate programs in the discipline; maintained one of the nation’s premier Health Economics and Outcomes Research Fellowship programs, and recruited healthcare professionals from across the country to immerse themselves in the study and practice of population health.

Our mission is to help prepare leaders for the dramatic changes occurring in our nation’s public health and healthcare systems. These systems are going through a radical transformation and we are excited to be doing our part to prepare the leaders of today—and tomorrow! At JCPH, you will explore the policies and forces that define the health and well-being of populations. Through your studies, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to examine the social determinants of health and to evaluate, develop, and implement health policies and systems that will improve the health of populations. The faculty and staff at JCPH are committed to providing guidance and support, not only as you progress through the program, but beyond, as well.

Innovations in Education

Since the debut of the online programs in 2010, Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH) has drawn upon best practices in online education to enhance learning and expand each student’s critical thinking skills. In addition to enjoying the independence and flexibility these programs offer, students expand their professional networks through the College’s thriving online communities. They grow as leaders in Population Health.

The engaging, practice-oriented experience of online study at JCPH begins with a comprehensive orientation to our unique model of online instruction, providing a smooth transition into each program’s coursework, and connecting students with their faculty and peers.

Throughout a student’s course of study, each online classroom’s learning community centers its activities around weekly discussions. Course lessons, the framework for these conversations, are developed and curated in a proprietary content management system, GRAVITAS. Through GRAVITAS instructors and their support teams work together designing timely, state-of-the-art online courses. GRAVITAS accelerates the delivery of content from expert to student through built-in course templates, lesson design guidelines, and proven methods for delivery of professional education online.

JCPH also offers diverse learning opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills and update their awareness of the issues and challenges inherent in today's evolving health care environment:

  • Population Health Academy Workforce Development Programs
  • Population Health Colloquium
  • Dr. Raymond C. Grandon Lecture
  • Innovation in Personalized Medicine and Population Health Speaker Series
  • PopTalk Webinar Series
  • COVID-19: Spread the Science, NOT the Virus Webinar Series
  • Continuing Pharmacy Education
  • Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Leadership Development Program (QIPS)

Academic Programs



Accelerated & Dual Degrees